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Mission Statement


The Sistah Circle's Mission is to bring together women of all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds and show them their worth. We will provide a forum for them to receive motivation, love, and friendship; while having fun. The purpose of the Sistah Circle is to put God 1st in order to grow. The organization's primary goal is to help women understand that settling is stressful but knowing your worth is blissful. We will work hard to ensure every woman who leaves the CIRCLE, will leave with a phrase or a thought, of how they are special. We will assist women during the difficult times of life such as divorce, break-ups, loss of a loved one, health problems etc.


Vision Statement

The Sistah Circle wants to be recognized as an organization where women are able to coincide without being judged because of their looks, culture, backgrounds, and nationalities. We help women realize their power, beauty, and intelligence. We inspire to touch hundreds, thousands and eventually millions of women lives. We are going to remain as a CIRCLE because what goes on in a CIRCLE stays in the CIRCLE.


Sistah Circle History


In 2002, Jocasta Gates (now Odom) had 10-15 ladies over for a Ladies Pow Wow in Valdosta, Ga. She served finger foods and drinks. The Ladies talked, cried, laughed and enjoyed each other's company. The event began at 8:00pm and didn't end until 4:00am. Jocasta enjoyed this event so much that she began to research ways to have these events all the time. She decided to have an event in Griffin once she graduated from college. In 2006, she had this event at her home with food, drinks, and gifts. However, only 5 ladies attended but that didn't stop her. In 2007, She had the event again at Charlene's home and 12 ladies were in attendance. In 2008, Jocasta had another event at Chrystal's house and 20 ladies were in attendance. She knew women were enjoying each event so it was time to find a venue. She began having the event at the Old Coca Cola Building in Griffin. The location was graciously donated by the owner. He wanted to donate his space to benefit the organization. 


Now 14 years later but 12 years strong; this event has grown to be named Sistah Circle. The Circle has between 55-65 ladies attending; enjoying 2-4 hours of food, entertainment, fun, gifts and love. Yes, we give gifts. Jocasta has now expanded to using Banquet rooms in order to assist all the needs of the Sistah Circle.  The Sistah Circle has events quarterly for all women to enjoy. Yet, we have monthly Personal Circle Convo's (PCC) with SISTAH's who win more personal one-on-one experience with the staff. The Sistah Circle is normally South of Atlanta but the Sistah Circle Staff is willing to travel. The Sistah Circle is Quarterly; however, we work for the women of our Circle 365 days. Currently, Jocasta funds the Sistah Circle solely because she wants this to be something that continues with or without the funding of others. Jocasta feels that when you have a vision you have to take care of that vision. She has received donations from people who know the vision of the Sistah Circle. Yet, the Sistah Circle is Jocasta's purpose in life; God will continue to lead and assist her with the funding of the Sistah Circle. Now to see what goes on in the Circle you must attend the Circle because WHAT GOES ON IN THE CIRCLE STAYS IN THE CIRCLE!

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